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A Nursing Career starts with an insight of you and your role as a healthcare professional. It gives you a prestigious, secure and well paid career. Nonetheless, it is equally stressful and not everyone can sustain that transition. The vast array of knowledge, skill and dedication make you a good nurse. A degree is valued when it connects you with the skill, knowledge and understanding….Read More

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Universal Nursing College (UNC) is one of the finest private Nursing College in the Dhaka City. As the FounderPrincipal of this college, it is really a matter of great satisfaction for me to be one of the pioneers of this noble voyage. l am really delighted to highlight that the Universal Nursing College (UNC) is a unique Nursing College, established in the year 2013, is affiliated by University….Read More

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Education is the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another and it can be acquired through simple and humble attitude with great respect to teachers. Nothing more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is great. Universal Nursing College (UNC) aims to grow a system of nursing education that fits with ever-changing educational patterns of the country to meet….Read More

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It is my great pleasure for me to let you know about the Universal Nursing College which is situated at the opposite site of North City Corporation, Mohakhali, Dhaka. It is a centre point of Dhaka City. The nursing course is very important faculty in the field of medical sciences which ensures together health and well being of the people. I am glad to be involved with the nursing Colle….Read More