Message from the MD

Dr. Ashis Kumar Chakraborty

Donor Representative, UNC
Managing Director, UMCH

Universal Nursing College (UNC) earlier known as Universal Nursing Institute recognized by Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery council since December 2013. In January 2019 the nursing institute was upgraded to graduate Nursing College and affiliated by the Dhaka University and renamed as Universal Nursing College. Our educational strategy is to create a conductive learning environment to guide students to acquire adequate knowledge, skill and temperament to practice nursing as a member of healthcare team of Bangladesh. We are dedicated to develop next generation as nursing leaders who are highly effective patient care providers, innovative pioneers in nursing research and respected leaders in their communities. Universal Nursing College (UNC) has a team of highly qualified, dedicated, talented and experienced teachers with excellent learning environment. It is one of the modern academic college which is approved by Bangladesh Government Ministry of Health &family Welfare, affiliated by the University of Dhaka and Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Counsel Curriculum, Recognition of Course & Registration.Now a days everyone is much concerned about their own health. But the ratio of nurses and patients is still far from sufficiency in this country of 170 million people. Our aim is to produce quality and dedicated for the service of the society so that the health education and services may become more practical & with human values. At the college, utmost care is being taken for the students providing with all necessary amenities and encouraging learning environment which is essential for their healthy & steady growth. I do hope the prospective students will get all the learning facilities that are offered in our country through the universal Nursing College. My best wishes remain with everyone associated to Universal Nursing College.