MSc. in Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

Curriculum Title

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Degree Awarded

M.Sc in Nursing

Curriculum Goal

The MSN program aims to develop nurse leaders in the area of nursing practice, education, research, and management to promote health of all people in Bangladesh. Its vision is to make the school a “Center of Excellence” in post-graduate nursing education in the South-East Asian region.

Curriculum Design

The program structure is conceptualized into 4 major components: Nursing Core courses, Nursing Elective courses, Specialty Core courses, and Specialty Theory and Practicum courses. The numbers of courses and credits (48 credits total) that must be earned for each specialty track are as follows:

  1. 7 Nursing Core courses (21 credits):
    • 5 Foundational Courses
    • 1 Thesis Course
    • 1 Independent Study Course
  1. 2 Nursing Elective Courses (6 credits)
  2. 3 Specialty Core Courses (9 credits)
  3. 4 Specialty Theory and Practicum Courses (12 credits)

We Offer Master Degree in 5 Major Areas

    1. Community Health Nursing
    2. Nursing management
    3. Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing
    4. Child Health Nursing
    5. Adult & Elderly Health Nursing
Medium of Instruction

English language is used as the medium of instruction but Bangla may be allowed as supplement. A high level of understanding of written English is required, as much of the material that the students will need to read is in academic English. The students also need to be able to write proficiently in English.