Message from the Advisor

Dr. A K M Jafar Ullah

Representative of Benefactor
Universal Nursing College

Education is the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another and it can be acquired through simple and humble attitude with great respect to teachers. Nothing more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is great. Universal Nursing College (UNC) aims to grow a system of nursing education that fits with ever-changing educational patterns of the country to meet the needs of the society and to fit into a wide range of opportunities in Nursing Service and Nursing Education available globally for the nurses. The arrival of new students to the Universal nursing College definitely not only enhances the value of the institutions, it equally pay back its substantial value to make your journey success. Nursing field is always challenging and skimpy with the new health professional emerging diseases, cases and uncertain demand of the patient. | congratulate the UNC with the success and present the confidence that it emerges as a center of excellence Nursing Studies and alleviate the human suffering disease and debility. UNC will guide you throughout the academic phase, determining the ability baseline of each student and uplift you to the achievement. | am positive for the conscience of nursing and role of UNC will play pivotal role in making a good Nurse with alive humanity. UNC provide an education program that enhances student’s knowledge, their skills and attitude to qualify as competent nursing professionals in today’s highly competitive and health conscious society. | believe in value based education and wish to serve society through our assets our students. Best wishes for all your future endeavors.