Diploma in Nursing Science

Diploma in Nursing Science

Curriculum Title

Diploma in Nursing Science

Degree Awarded

Diploma in Nursing Science

Curriculum Goal

The institutional goal of this program is to produce competent nurses that will enable them for demonstrate the competency of using knowledge-based practice for provision of quality holistic client centered nursing care to meet the needs/expectations and to promote, maintain, and restore heath of individuals, families, and communities nationally and internationally.

Curriculum Design

The course is dynamic with provision for incorporating emerging health problems and changing health policies as well as latest advancement in health sciences. The Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery curriculum is designed for BNMC recognized institutions and incorporate (1) General courses to prepare students to understand the world, understand human behaviors and well-behave in the society (2) Foundation courses to furnish students with essential knowledge relevant to nursing and midwifery and (3) Professional courses for nursing and midwifery specific courses. The courses are sequenced from year one to year three, from simple to complex, with an attempt to increase student’s competencies overtime.


Duration of Course

There should be a minimum period of three years of education programme. Total hours are 5112 in the three years course. The academic year will start from January in each year. After completion of the program every student has to perform 06(six) months internship in an appropriate clinical areas/hospitals according to logbook. On the successful completion of the course, the student is required to take the BNMC comprehensive examination for licensing as a registered nurse. BNMC will issue professional License and academic certificate.

Student registration

After admission every student’s must do student registration according to BNMC Act (Act No. 48 of 2016) Clause-5 (TA). The validity of the student registration will be of 06 years.

Medium of Instruction

English language is used as the medium of instruction but Bangla may be allowed as supplement. A high level of understanding of written English is required, as much of the material that the students will need to read is in academic English. The students also need to be able to write proficiently in English.