Diploma in Midwifery

Diploma in Midwifery

Curriculum Title

Diploma in Midwifery

Degree Awarded

Diploma in Midwifery

Curriculum Goal

The goal of this programme is to provide optimal learning opportunities for the purpose of preparing midwives of the highest caliber who will function autonomously within the competencies and scope of Midwifery practice as defined by the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Curriculum Design

General courses includes

i) Behavioral Science
ii) Basic Science
iii) Communicative English and Information & Communication Technology (internal subject)

Foundation courses includes

i) Anatomy and physiology
ii) Professional Framework and Communication in midwifery
iii) Midwifery Pharmacology
iv) Research and Evidence based Midwifery

Professional courses includes

i) Fundamentals of Midwifery
ii) Art and science of midwifery
iii) Women’s health
iv) Complicated Maternity Experience
v) Complexities of maternity experience
vi) Newborn Complications
vii) Transition to Registered Midwifery Practice and practicum.
Viii) Midwifery Practice I
ix) Midwifery Practice II
X) Midwifery Practicum

Medium of Instruction

English language is used as the medium of instruction but Bangla may be allowed as supplement. A high level of understanding of written English is required, as much of the material that the students will need to read is in academic English. The students also need to be able to write proficiently in English.

Year wise subjects


DM 111 – Behavioral Science
DM 112 – Basic Science
DM 123 –  Anatomy and Physiology
DM 124 – Professional Frameworks & Communication in Midwifery
DM 135 – Fundamentals of Midwifery
DM 126 – Midwifery Pharmacology
DM 137 – Midwifery Practice I
DM 118 – Communicative English and Information communication & Technology (internal subject)

Year – 2

DM 221 – Research and Evidence Based Midwifery
DM 232 – The Art and Science of Midwifery
DM 233 – Women‟s health
DM 234 – Complicated Maternity Experience
DM 235 – Midwifery Practice II

Year – 3

DM 331 – Newborn Complications
DM 332 – Complexities of Maternity Experience
DM 333 – Transition to Registered Midwifery Practice
DM 334 – Midwifery Practicum