Our Motto is to produce good and professional nursing graduate, having skill
& humanity.

Aim & Objectives of UNC
  • To develop divers and vibrant nurse in the nursing discipline to create
    highly competent nurse for the country and abroad
  • To provide appropriate learning environment where nursing students
    acquire a sound theoretical and practical knowledge
  • To provide quality Nursing Care to the individual, patient and community”,
    all over the world.
  • To provide qualified nurses to the country to cope with the advancement in
    nursing science and technology.
  • To promote and strengthen the nursing skills for better competence in the
    nursing profession in general and patient care in particular.
  • To teach the nurses that we the human species are created to live in the
    community with harmony and for each other with tender caring.
  • To produce well disciplined, self-motivated and dedicated nurses imbued
    with the spirit of devotion to responsibility to human, duty, kindness,
    tolerance, patience, and compassion.
  • To achieve academic excellence in all undergraduate and graduate nursing
    education programs through a welcoming, engaging, and innovative
    teaching and learning environment.
  • Update the curriculum with the latest trends and advancements in nursing
  • Promote research among students to improve their clinical practice.
  • Develop strategies to support l i felong learning via both print and
    E-Learning and to remain current with the advances of knowledge, skills
    and practice.
  • To display the personal attributes of compassion, honesty and integrity in
    relationships with patients, colleagues and communities.